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First Published: 2018-01-10

Missing the Trump Teams Misconduct
Between flailing over Russia-gate and obsessing over a tell-all book, the major US news media continues to miss the more substantive misconduct of the Trump administration, says JP Sottile.
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On Monday, I flipped over to MSNBC and what were they covering? Trumps stable genius tweet. And no, they were not advancing the story that is, if there is a way to advance a stale story based on a two-day-old tweet. Instead, they just had a couple talking heads blathering on in pointless speculation about Trumps state of mind. In other words, they were filling dead air with hot air.

President Donald Trump addresses the nation about his Iran policy on Oct. 13, 2017. (Screenshot from Whitehouse.gov)

Surprisingly, there is a takeaway from this episode and from the countless hours of Trumped-Up, blatherati-driven coverage churned out by MSNBC, CNN and the three networks and its this:If the so-called Liberal Media really is out to get Trump they really suck at it.

Why? Because if I was a managing editor at MSNBC (or CNN or the Today Show or Good Morning America, for that matter) and I was out to get Trump Id have spent a good three blocks of airtime on former Eli Lilly bigwig Alex Azar. Hes Trumps replacement for the sleazy, insider trading Dr. Tom Price at the Department of Health and Human Services. Hell, POLITICO even did most of the work when itpublished a big storydetailing the way Eli Lilly gamed the patent system to sustain Cialis as a rock-hard profit producer when Azar was a Lilly exec. They used a pediatric study loophole the makers of OxyContin hadonce usedto squeeze another six months of profits out of their drug.

Why not hone-in on THAT story? Its Eli Lilly, for chrissake! They are right there with Monsanto as a name that inspires groans and occasional vomiting (along with a voluminous list of quite real side effects). Even better, Azar is another in a long list of crony-baloney capitalists whove turned the Trump Administration into one of the most corrupt cash machines Ive ever seen. But what is MSNBC talking about? A senescent tweet.

On the other hand, they are not talking about theOil Industrys influenceand the opening up of offshore drilling. They are not talking about thesignificant expansionof the war on terror and Trumps direct hand in aspike in civilian casualtiesaround the Muslim world. They are not talking about the trainwrecks inside theDepartment of Energy,the U.S. Department of Agricultureor theOccupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). They are not talking about Trumppushing DIPLOMATSto get even more involved in selling weapons around the world. They are not talking about Trumps role in opening up the media formore consolidation. And they are not talking about a dozen other damning stories that, if theyd just dispatch some effing reporters and producers and photographers, they could use those video-driven packages like a goddamn barrage to pepper Trumps presidency and, in turn, to corner his supporters on Capitol Hill.

But no they are poring over the cheap and easy regurgitation of kooky tweets. They are wringing every last drop out of Michael Wolffs book. And they are forever circling aroundmeaningless detailsabout Russiagate that not only DO NOT advance the story, but ultimately make it look like they are ginning-up stories when, in fact, they actually dont know what Mueller knows even as they piss away precious hours of airtime speculating about whats coming next.

Fine, I get it. If you get a leaked detail, you report it and talk about it for a few hours but then you MOVE ON to Trumps growing ownership of an ever-bloodier War on Terror or to food safety or environmental collapse or to growing consumer debt or to Trumps retinue of corporate shills like Alex Azar. You look at the policies that are being made each and every day and the quite real consequences that will come of these often-major shifts.

The upshot is that youd not only be doing real damage to Trumps presidency but youd also be doing ACTUAL JOURNALISM! You can get Trump and do your job, too!Its a two-fer! Everything else is just an easy way to maintain the profitability you could only dream of before that 24/7 star of your predictable little daytime drama came down that godforsaken escalator in his monomaniacal search for the one thing you give him in spades airtime.

JP Sottileis a freelance journalist, radio co-host, documentary filmmaker and former broadcast news producer in Washington, D.C. He blogs atNewsvandal.comor you can follow him on Twitter,http://twitter/newsvandal.



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