Cinema makes return to Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia lifted decades-long ban on cinemas with AMC Entertainment granted the first licence to operate movie theatres.

Saudi Arabia to host cinema test screening with 'Black Panther'

Oman Reborn: Balancing tradition and modernization

Saudis revive forgotten past with opening of desert ruins

Riyadh seeks French help in for music, opera, cinema

Saudi, France to develop multi-billion dollar open air museum

Southern Egypt temple offers unique insight into ancient Egyptians’ faith

Tunis exhibit celebrates long tradition of plastic art, highlights challenges

Egypt debates bill to toughen penalties on artefact theft, smuggling

Friar trains Iraqis to preserve their heritage

‘We are the generation/Who has grown old too soon’: Syria's children speak

MBC stops airing Turkish soap operas

Iranians welcome Louvre show despite tense diplomacy

Suleman’s ‘The Fabric of Life’ showcases social history of textile in the Middle East

Opera, jazz make their debut in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia to host first Arab Fashion Week

Oscar-nominated Syrian film screened in rebel-held Idlib

Egypt unveils tomb of ancient priestess

Book culture returns to Iraq's Mosul

Lebanese museum displays artefacts looted in civil war

Marwa al-Sabouni’s ‘The Battle for Home’ offers personal account of Syria’s conflict

Palestinian unearths ancient graves in vegetable patch

Egypt moves 3,200-year-old Ramses statue to new location

Lebanon overturns ban on Spielberg film

Sharjah Islamic Art Festival captivates the subtle beauty of the infinite

Fighting gender-based violence through art

Iranian director facing jail for film attacking corruption

Al Dhafra Festival kicks off

‘Let’s Write in Baghdad’ incarnates hopes and dreams of Iraqi children

Saudi crown prince ‘bought’ $450 mn Da Vinci

Hiba Tawaji dazzles Riyadh in first women-only concert

Da Vinci sold for $450 mn heading to Louvre Abu Dhabi

Istanbul district bans gay film festival

Abjjad, the Arab world’s first virtual reading space

Egypt pop diva faces trial for disparaging Nile river

51 years on, Carthage Film Festival still popular

Dekkak: Ibn Battuta is a symbol of peace and tolerance

Unique insights into UAE’s hidden treasures put on display

Macron to name author Slimani as French language emissary

Tunisia’s ancient calligraphy style in jeopardy


Historic Cairo bookshop struggles to cope with changing times

When it opened its doors in 1928, Cairos Anglo-Egyptian Bookshop was the first of its kind in the whole Arab region.

Art burgeoning in conservative Iran

Past decade has seen number of galleries in Tehran explode from just a handful to more than 100.

Street art burgeoning in bustling Casablanca

Unlocking culture by taking art to Casablancas neighbourhoods is one of Casamouja-Urban Art Wave programme's objectives.

Saving Nineveh and Nimrud from ISIS

ISIS destruction of Iraqs archaeological treasures is seen in part as strategy of demoralising communities that fell under terror groups control.

Three decades later, Saudis get their first concert

Tickets sold out in 30 minutes for long-awaited concert music in Riyadh as Saudi Arabia has cautiously begun introducing entertainment.

Morocco grows into international cultural magnet

North African kingdom is witnessing cultural boom thanks to its renowned international festivals, large projects launched by King Mohammed VI.

Etihad museum tells history of UAEs formation

External faade of museum is in form of folded manuscript supported internally by golden columns, representing fountain pens symbolising seven Emirates.

Kurds language in official settings sees new life in Syria

Kurdish officials have reclaimed their tongue, reintroducing Kurmanji dialect of their language into the school curriculum Kurdish-majority regions in Syria.

Syrian star turned pizza boy dreams of Hollywood ending

Acting star Jihad Abdo is finally finding his feet after career is uprooted by Syrian conflict, causing him to flee beautiful life for fresh start in Hollywood.

Qarawiyyin library holds written wonders

World's oldest library in Morocco's ancient city of Fez is home to priceless treatises in Islamic studies, astronomy, medicine.

Moroccan-born writer wins France's top literary prize

Leila Slimani wins Goncourt for her novel 'Chanson douce' based on real-life story of Dominican nanny in US.