Azami resigns as head of PJD parliamentary group

Driss Azami’s resignation comes few hours after ousted PM criticises several personalities for the adopted framework law on educational reform.

CASABLANCA - Driss Azami tendered his resignation as the head of the parliamentary group of Morocco’s ruling Islamist party of Justice and Development (PJD) in the First Chamber as divisions within the PJD grow over the framework law on educational reform.

Azami’s resignation came a few hours after a Live Facebook of ousted Prime Minister Abdelilah Benkirane during which he severely criticised the abstention of elected PJD in the parliamentary committee, concerning the framework law 51.17 on the reform of education, and more specifically articles relating to the use of foreign languages ​​for the teaching of scientific and technical subjects.

Benkirane singled out several personalities, including his successor Prime Minister Saâdeddine El Othmani, holding them accountable for the framework law, saying that its adoption was the "most serious mistake the party has committed since taking office since 2011."

"We agree with the framework law because there are several positive points, but we definitely do not agree with the change of the Arabic language, as regards the teaching of scientific subjects, with the French language," said outspoken Benkirane.

“The question has a direct link with the Moroccan identity,” he added.

The framework law was adopted last week in the parliamentary committee, introducing foreign languages as languages of instruction in certain subjects.

The draft framework law was adopted in its entirety by 25 votes in favour, 2 against (PJD) and 3 abstentions (Istiqlal Party).