Brussels strips six terrorists of Belgian nationality

Appeal court strips six individuals with dual Belgian-Moroccan nationality of Belgian citizenship on terrorism grounds.

BRUSSELS – A Belgian court stripped the citizenship of six “terrorists” who left Belgium for jihad in Syria six years ago.

The appeal court condemned in absentia to forfeiture of nationality of the six individuals who have dual Belgian-Moroccan nationality and are members of Sharia4Belgium.

 “The court decision is made public Thursday in several newspapers, as is held by Justice because the interested parties were deposed by default. No longer having an address in Belgium, they could not have been informed of this decision,” reported Belga press agency.

The individuals were sentenced in absentia in 2015 for terrorism.

Belgian justice branded Sharia4Belgium organisation, which was founded in 2010 by Fouad Belkacem in a bid to establish sharia law in Belgium, a “terrorist entity”.

Belkacem was also stripped of his Belgian nationality and sentenced to twelve years’ imprisonment for his proven role in the radicalisation of several young people.

As for the Sharia4Belgium organization, it would have appeared on March 3, 2010 with a view to establishing sharia law in Belgium.