Comorian FM inaugurates embassy in Rabat

Dhoulkamal hails “very special relationship” between the Union of Comoros and Morocco, insists Sahara is Moroccan land.

RABAT - Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Union of the Comoros Dhoihir Dhoulkamal inaugurated Monday his country’s embassy in the Moroccan capital of Rabat.

Speaking at a joint press conference with Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, Dhoulkamal thanked King Mohammed VI for his commitment to support and preserve the Moroccan-Comorian friendship, hailing the “very special relationship” between the two nations.

Dhoulkamal said that 80 percent of the executives of his ministry had been trained in the North African Kingdom which continues to do so by granting them scholarships.

Bourita said that the inauguration of the Comorian embassy reflected the shared ambition of the two heads of state to establish a bilateral relationship marked by trust and excellence.

“This inauguration confirms solid ties and very fruitful cooperation,” he said, adding that the embassy would be a very important tool for monitoring commitments between the two parties.

Dhoulkamal insisted that Morocco’s territorial integrity was not up for discussion.

“The Sahara is Moroccan land, we have said it and we will say it everywhere,” said Dhoulkama.

The Comorian FM also expressed his country’s aim to develop win-win economic projects between the two nations.

Dhoulkamal said on Saturday that the Union of the Comoros was seeking to further strengthen its economic ties with Morocco and wanted to benefit from the support of the Moroccan private sector to promote investment in several sectors.

During a meeting with Abdou Diop, the president of the Africa commission of the General Confederation of Moroccan Enterprises (CGEM), Dhoulkamal called for the support of Morocco and the Confederation to promote entrepreneurial training in his country and cooperation between Moroccan and Comorian companies.

“We strongly believe in Morocco as an engine of development and support. We believe in the brotherhood that binds the two countries," said the top Comorian diplomat.

Diop said that the meeting was part of the continuity of the exchanges between the CGEM and the Union of the Comoros, which took place during the Conference of the development partners of the Comoros dedicated to the financing of the 2030 Comoros Emergence Plan (PCE) which was held last December in Paris.

The PCE seeks to achieve a structural transformation of the Comorian economy through, in particular, sustained and structured interventions in favour of the private sector.