Creative Arabic Manga publishing house reaches new heights

Adam 101

DUBAI - Comic Pro L.L.C has become one of the first Emirati talented publishing Manga houses to produce all its own Arabic Manga books and magazines in Emirati accent. Recently launching in the UAE with its first title “Adam 101”, Comic Pro is an innovative new publishing house created specifically for the locals and foreigners youth.
Manga's consists of comics and print cartoons in addition to a wide range of animation In the West. Even though "Manga" as a term used outside Japan refers specifically to comics originally published in Japan, and exist in other parts of the world.
“The vision of Comic Pro is to invent the first Arabic comic books in Emirati accent, as well as English language, that reflects cultural understanding and promote the national identity among locals and foreigners youth. The Manga design has been adapted and shaped to suit the Arab cultural norms without compromising entertainment values” said Hussein Al Atoli, CEO – Comic Pro.
Comic Pro aim to communicate the rich UAE values to the young generation, through a modern approach, and a very considerate editorial guideline, Comic Pro’s main objectives is to attract the youth generation to increase the reading habit and make the reading more attractive, through providing entertaining content and cultural values.
“We at Comic Pro believe that The Middle East Film & Comic Con, held in Dubai April 20-21, 2012, Will be a great occasion to kick off the brand “Comic Pro” with its unique Emirati concept to the Manga fans in this region” said Hamed al Aqili, COO – Comic Pro.
“Adam 101” talks about university students daily life at AUD campus, discussing several daily situations and resolving them with an entertaining style, yet offering guidance and solutions in harmony with the culture and values of the UAE, (Adam 101 was published in UAE local accent and English).

“Comic Pro” team consist of enthusiastic Emirati professional, aiming to create awareness between the youth readers of the “Comic Pro” productions, through discussing general day to day stories, and introducing the social acceptable concepts and cultural values of UAE among the youth
“Adam 101” 1st chapter of “Comic Pro”, started as a university project, and published in December 2010, sponsored and distributed by “Kinokuniya” bookstores of Singapore PTE, LTD, under the permission of the UAE Media council (907) on 27 Feb 2011.