Gathafi's daughter to leave hospital after giving birth


ALGIERS - Aisha Gathafi, who gave birth in Algeria this week after fleeing Libya as her father's regime crumbled, was to leave hospital in the southern town of Djanet on Wednesday, a government source said.
The government said Tuesday that she had crossed into Algeria on Saturday with her brother Hannibal, their mother Safiya -- Gathafi's second wife -- and the fugitive leader's eldest son Mohammed.
"Both (mother and daughter) are in very good health," said the source who requested anonymity. The government said Tuesday that Aisha Gathafi gave birth to a baby girl in the small southern town of Djanet, 2,300 kilometres (1,400 miles) south of Algiers, early on Sunday.
The government official declined to comment on tensions between Algiers and Libya's National Transitional Council, which has all but vanquished Gathafi and has called for the handover of the Gathafi family members.
Algeria's foreign ministry on Tuesday said the Gathafi family members were allowed in the country "for strictly humanitarian reasons".
The daily Ennahar newspaper reported Wednesday that up to 62 Gathafi clan members had entered Tunisia.
The government source would not confirm that figure, but Algeria's UN ambassador said that the spouses of Gathafi's two sons and daughter also entered the country, with several of their children.
On Tuesday, NTC executive committee member Ali Tarhuni urged Algeria "to arrest this corrupt family that has been oppressing the Libyan people as well as stealing their resources for the past 42 years."