Ivanka visits Morocco to aid female landowners

President Trump’s daughter arrives in Rabat to push Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, praises Moroccan progress.

RABAT - Ivanka Trump arrived in Rabat Wednesday for a visit to the Kingdom that will be marked by talks with Moroccan officials on initiatives to help women become landowners.

The visit is part of the Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, launched by US President Donald Trump with the objective of empowering 50 million women worldwide by 2025.

The project intends to support women in light of greater profitability, improve their access to credit and assistance for business creation and to change attitudes and laws to improve working environments.

President Trump's daughter and White House adviser saw real life examples in Morocco on Thursday when she met four women who are benefiting from changes that allow them to own land.

During her visit, Trump learned about women's access to collective land, a project initiated under the High guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI and considered a major priority in strengthening women's empowerment in Morocco.

The MCC Compact is looking to grant 67,000 hectares of land titles to 56,000 beneficiaries in the Garb and Al Haouz regions.

Ivanka believes that investing in women leaves the way for investment wide open, affirming that land ownership remains a sine qua non condition for stimulating economic and social development.

"When you invest in women, they invest back into their families and communities and countries flourish," she said.

Morocco is changing its land ownership laws and "we are here to support and encourage the full implementation of that," she said.

Ivanka also went on to sign two agreements between several partners worth $6 million to support the King's operation through training, financial management and fighting illiteracy.

In August, she tweeted her support to the Moroccan government after it began the process of amending its inheritance laws, which say women should receive half as much as men.

Ivanka Trump traveled to Ethiopia and Ivory Coast , in sub-Saharan Africa, in April and to Argentina, Colombia and Paraguay , in South America, in September to promote the initiative.