Jordanian writer Sanaa Al Sha'lan receives 'Preimo Paso Del Esctrecho' award for short story in Spain

Sanaa Al Sha'lan (wearing headscarf) at the award ceremony

GRANADA - The Jordanian Novelist, Sanaa Sha'lan received in Granada - Spain, the "Preimo Paso Del Esctrecho" International Short Story award for the year 2011, for her unpublished story "Where the sea does not pray". The award headquartered in Spain and issued by the institution and the Spanish culture Society, in collaboration with the Alhambra Palace administration and Khneralev Albesen Foundation, UNESCO society for the advancement of Literature.
The Award Coordinator, Dr. Antonio Bernit Vázquez, and Vice President for Spanish Culture and Society, José Manuel Hernández Biallobo attended the award's announcing ceremony and said that this award aim at enabling communication and interaction between different cultures, also he referred to aspects of the story which led to winning this award, and earned the admiration of all the jury, which consisted of: Mona Abbosi, and Jose Julio Akbania, and Jesus Cota, and Michael Doris, and Angel Istephan, and Pilar González, and Aram Humber Zumian.
During the ceremony and on the occasion of receiving this award, Sha'lan gave a speech on behalf of UJ's President, Prof. Adel Tweissi.
It is noteworthy that the winning story, "Where the sea does not pray", is a fictional story and utilizes the determinants of the reality such as time, place and characters to highlight the aspect of an experience inspired by the annual passage of millions of people from Africa to Europe and vice versa from across the Strait of Gibraltar, in reference to the existing relationship between the two cultures; the Western or Spanish, particularly with regard to the cultural outlooks of these two civilizations.
Also, this story highlights the features of such stereotyped image formed by the Arabs - in the shadow of the cultural, humanitarian and social crises - about the Western culture, a misleading and exaggerated image, therefore the immigrant becomes a prisoner of this image, and believes that freedom and dreams can be found in the other world, instead of trying to extricate from this reality and search for a way out; Arab man or a women escapes to the Western world, and makes every effort to do so, even through illegal immigration, and there he or she discovers that he or she has lost all sense of the world, and loses himself completely.