KLM suspends flights over Strait of Hormuz

Dutch airline says it has halted its flights of after Strait of Hormuz after Iran shot down US drone.

THE HAGUE - Dutch airline KLM said Friday it has suspended its flights over the Strait of Hormuz after Iran shot down a US drone in the strategic region.

"Safety is the top priority for KLM," it said in a statement.

"We closely follow all developments that may be related to the safety of airspace 24/7 and we organise the operation in such a way that the safety of the flights is guaranteed.

"The incident with the drone is reason not to fly over the Strait of Hormuz for the time being. This is a precautionary measure."

Iran's downing of the drone - which Washington insists was above international waters but Iran says was within its airspace - has seen tensions between the two countries spike further after a series of attacks on tankers the US has blamed on Tehran.