IS-linked terrorist cell dismantled in Morocco

Dismantled by BCIJ

CASABLANCA - Morocco’s security forces dismantled Wednesday a suspected terrorist cell linked to the Islamic State group. operating in Fez and Moulay Yacoub, according to the interior ministry.
Investigations led by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) revealed that the seven members of the cell had links with an extremist network that had been recently dismantled and was seeking to boost the terror organisation with Moroccan fighters, said the interior ministry in a statement.
The first elements of the investigation also established that the members of this cell intensified their recruitment and the sending of Moroccan volunteers to both Syria and Iraq in coordination with elements in the field responsible for external IS operations, where they carry out military training in IS strongholds, it said.
The leader of the dismantled cell has recently financed the sending of three Moroccan extremists to the IS ranks to acquire combat techniques, it noted.
The interior ministry reported that the brother of one of the members of suspected cell was convicted in connection with the dismantling of a terrorist cell that planned major destruction operations in Morocco and a European country while the other members have relatives who fight in IS ranks in Syria and Iraq.
The dismantling of the terrorist cell is part of the efforts of the Moroccan security services in fighting IS threats.