Morocco’s security forces seize explosive, flammable substances in Temara

Security forces seize vehicle belonging to main suspect of terrorist cell dismantled on September 20 containing explosive and flammable substances.

RABAT – Morocco’s security forces seized Wednesday explosive and flammable substances in an operation in Temara related to the terrorist cell that was dismantled last week.

A search operation in the parking lot of a building, located in the Abbadi district in Temara, where an apartment of the sister of the main suspect of the dismantled terrorist cell linked to the Islamic State group, was carried out by the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) on Wednesday following suspicions that a refrigerated vehicle belonging to him and was supposed to contain explosive and flammable substances was parked in this parking lot.

A terrorist cell was dismantled on September 10 as five suspects were arrested in the cities of Temara, Skhirate, Tiflet and Tangier, according to the BCIJ.

The location of the suspected refrigerated vehicle was located following information obtained during the preliminary investigation into the case, including statements from the wife of the main suspect, who indicated its location to the police and attended the search that allowed the seizure of the vehicle, said the BCIJ in a statement.

The search operation allowed the discovery and seizure inside the refrigerated vehicle belonging to the suspect of

Six glass bottles containing explosive liquids attached to cloth and a sword, in addition to two plastic boxes containing traces of suspicious chemical substances were found in the vehicle.