Morocco breaks up terrorist cell in Tetouan

Five terror suspects with links to Islamic State arrested in northern city of Tetouan.

RABAT – Morocco’s security forces dismantled Tuesday a suspected terrorist cell in the northern city of Tetouan in the latest anti-terror operation in the North African kingdom.

Five suspects, between 23 and 33 years old, were arrested for their link with the jihadist Islamic State group, according to the Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ).

Electronic devices, knives and a military uniform were seized during the operation in the northern city.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the suspects had pledged allegiance to the IS leader and had adhered to the propaganda of this terrorist group and its extremist speeches.

The suspects had links with fighters in both Syria and Iraq in a bid to learn from their experiences, said BCIJ in a statement.

The security monitoring also revealed the terror suspects’ involvement in the destructive agenda of their alleged terrorist group and their attempt to plan the execution of major terrorist and criminal operations in Morocco, it added.