Morocco extends coronavirus lockdown to June 10

Moroccan PM says coronavirus pandemic has been well managed in Morocco, but deplores ongoing appearance of news hotbeds, especially in Casablanca.

RABAT - Morocco is to extend its national lockdown to contain the spread of the new coronavirus until June 10, Prime Minister Saad Dine El Otmani said on Monday.

Otmani provided scientific explanations on the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, exposing extremely positive indicators in terms of controlling the spread.

"The pandemic has been well managed in Morocco, thanks to His Majesty and to collective efforts. The indicators, cure rate, lethality rate for example, have evolved favourably," said Otmani.

"The role of the citizens will be decisive during the next stage," he added.

He said that a new platform will be launched for citizens “who feel that they have not received” the compensation when they were eligible.

"I have already said in the past: breaking out of confinement is more difficult than entering it. Confinement is an ordeal, of course; but this has enabled us to gain knowledge, including controlling its propagation," said the PM.

Otmani deplored the continued appearance of new hotbeds, especially in the economic capital of Casablanca.

"What is not reassuring is the number of hotbeds that appear. 476 hotbeds have appeared, half of which are family-type (funerals, parties). 20% are industrial clusters. In Casablanca, three new hotbeds emerged two days ago,"

Morocco had confirmed 6,952 coronavirus cases, including 192 deaths, by Monday afternoon, as the rise of hotspots within families and factories complicates efforts to curb infections.