Morocco sends food aid to crisis-hit Lebanon

King Mohammed VI orders dispatch of 90 tonnes of food aid to Lebanon which is going through grave economic crisis that has driven up food prices by 400%.

RABAT – Morocco sent Friday 90 tonnes of food aid to crisis-hit Lebanon, which is going through a grave economic crisis and a longstanding political deadlock.

King Mohammed VI ordered the dispatch of eight Moroccan military airplanes carrying 90 tonnes of food aid to the Lebanese armed forces and the Lebanese people.

The Royal decision to deliver by air this batch, which consists of basic food products, takes place following a request made by the Lebanese side and is also part of solidarity with this sister country, so as to enable it to face the economic challenges and repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lebanon's currency has crashed as the country runs out of dollars, with no state rescue in sight. Food prices have shot up 400%.

Fights in supermarkets are now commonplace, as are people rummaging through trash. A brawl over food packages this week killed one person and injured two others.