Nabyla Maan, Chalo Correia shine in Assilah

Moroccan contemporary singer, Angolan artist give thrilling performances at Assilah International Cultural Moussem.

ASSILAH - Angolan artist Chalo Correia and Moroccan singer Nabyla Maan opened the African Season of Music in the northern Moroccan city of Assilah with thrilling performances.

I’m always happy to meet my fans in the Assilah International Cultural Moussem and share my music with them.

Maan is a contemporary artist who mixes different styles of music such as Jazz with Malhoun in her traditional Moroccan songs and covers.

“I came from a music loving family. I have always loved to listen to various styles since I was a child. This is what made me use various styles in my songs,” Maan told Middle East Online.

Pregnant Maan, along with her band led by her husband and guitarist Tarik Hilal, gave a thrilling performance to a packed theatre at Prince Bandar Bin Sultan library, singing her classic Arabic repertoire and a song in Amazigh that was a surprise for the audience.

Maan was the youngest Arab and African singer to perform at the Olympia music hall in Paris.

“My childhood dream to perform at the Olympia, which has hosted talented international singers such as Oum Kalthoum and the Rolling Stone, came true,” said Maan, who performed for the second year in a row at the Assilah International Cultural Moussem.

Chalo Correia
Angolan singer Chalo Correia, a solo artist full of energy and vibrancy

Prior to Maan’s concert, talented Angolan artist Chalo Correia gave an exhilarating performance that captivated the audience despite the language barrier.

Chalo, armed with a guitar and harmonica, played some traditional songs with Semba, Massemba, Rumba and Rebita styles.

“He has an incredible energy. He is so deeply immersed in his music that drew us to his world despite the fact that I don’t understand the lyrics,” said a female spectator.

Chalo lured the enchanted crowd to interact with him with his charm and vibrancy, earning him a standing ovation.