Fausti guns at ADIHEX 2017


ABU DHABI - There are a few firearms you really feel “yours” - firearms you develop a special connection with at first sight, a connection so strong that even when you mount them for the first time, you feel as though you have handled them a thousand times before. You live a special moment of “déjà vu” when past, present and future blend together. You experience a very unique feeling with total symphony between your soul and the soul of the gun you are holding. Yes, soul! We are sure that things built with love, passion and attention to even utmost detail DO have a soul. They have a spirit; they are alive and give energy.

The Fausti guns are no exception to this universal rule; if possible, they bring it to a whole new level. The guns are made by skilled craftsmen at Fausti, in Italy, the country of the Ferrari cars, the artists Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, the country of style and fashion. They are motivated by their unrelenting passion for perfection under the guiding lines of the three sisters Giovanna, Barbara and Elena, who run the company created in 1948 by their father Stefano.
The Fausti guns are also unique products. Their uniqueness comes from being entirely custom-built, engraved and signed by the best Italian Master Engravers, but that is not all. They also come from being the result of emotions and materials coming to life together, pure craftsmanship, pursuit of true and exact traditional standards and classical details. At Fausti the past, the present and the future come together and become a whole.

That's why the Fausti guns can be made only by hand. It's only by hand that one can build a true work of art - it does not matter if in the form of a painting, a sculpture or a firearm. It's only by hand that all your wishes will be met.
The exclusive side by side and the over&under shotguns that Fausti is going to show at ADIHEX 2017 are unique pieces, 1of 1, no copies.
The result work of art will make your gun rack and your soul fuller and will be your best hunting companion step by step, and all the way.
By sculpting forms, modeling lines of arduous simplicity, creating complex but functional mechanism which carries the noble superiority of an intuition, a truth is captured for just a second on the steel and wood of a modern and at the same time, antique gun.

The 15th edition of ADIHEX will be held from the 12th to the 16th of September at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Centre (ADNEC).

It is organised by the Emirates Falconer‘s Club, in cooperation with the Cultural Programs and Heritage Festivals Committee – Abu Dhabi.