Othmane El Khaloufi, Dudu Kouate showcase their talent in Assilah

Moroccan saxophonist, Senegalese musician offer an outstanding performance at the 41st Assilah International Cultural Moussem.

ASSILAH - Morocco’s Othmane El Khaloufi and Senegal’s Dudu Kouate proved Tuesday their talent at the 41st Assilah International Cultural Moussem in a night of African music performances.

The evening concert began with Senegalese Kouate who entertained the audience at the theatre of Prince Bandar Bin Sultan library in the northern Moroccan city of Assilah by playing with an array of traditional music instruments along with his female violinist and cellist.

“I would like to share with you my culture, which is shared culture because there is only one culture which is culture of the world,” Kouate told the crowd.

Kouate played a rich repertoire of traditional songs, concluding it with a song called “Africation” which he said that it is for every African who claims their fulfilment in Africa, their pan-Africanism and its defence.

Moroccan saxophonist and singer Khaloufi and his Moroccan-European band entertained the audience with a very unusual style where he mixes Chaabi (popular) songs with Jazz.

Moroccan singer and saxophonist Othmane El Khaloufi
Othmane El Khaloufi the author of "Jazz Beldi"

“I’m delighted to play here in Assilah and thank the organisers for their warm hospitality,” said Khaloufi.

He played several songs inspired from his own life experience from his new album “Zid Zid” that was released last April, beginning with “Triq Jdida” song.

The crowd interacted with Khaloufi’s “Jazz Beldi” thanks his mastering of the saxophone, fulfilling a spectator’s call to repeat his last song to the cheers of the audience.


Saad Guerraoui is Deputy Editor-In-Chief of Middle East Online