Salvini says Morocco most stable country in entire Mediterranean region

Head of Italy’s League party calls for strengthening ties with Morocco on all aspects.

ROME - Head of Italy’s League party and former Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called for a consolidation of relations on all aspects with Morocco, which he said “is the most stable country in the entire Mediterranean and north African region”.

“We should speed up and improve relations with Morocco which is the most stable country in the entire Mediterranean and North African region,” said Salvini in a statement on Thursday after meeting with the Moroccan ambassador Youssef Balla in Rome.

“Morocco should be our first interlocutor for cultural, economic, commercial, cooperation and security reasons,” he said.

“It is for this reason that we have not shared certain choices of the European Parliament and, as Italy, we are working to further strengthen relations and I hope to have the honour of visiting Morocco soon, because we are two very close countries,” he added.

Salvini thanked Moroccan authorities for their efforts, “because if all the Mediterranean countries had the same serious and collaborative attitude as Morocco, we would have much less problems.”

Recalling that “Morocco has involved twenty thousand men and women in the fight against human trafficking,” he highlighted the absolutely positive cooperation agreements with Morocco, while regretting the bilateral tensions with Spain in recent weeks.

Salvini noted that Morocco was making successful strides in terms of regionalization and enhancement of the role of regions which is absolutely interesting and valuable for Italy and for Europe.