UAE sends medical aid to Palestinian territories

Some of medical supplies to fight coronavirus pandemic is expected to reach densely populated Gaza Strip.

LONDON – The United Arab Emirates flew Tuesday a shipment of medical equipment to the Palestinian territories as part of its global fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the medical equipment is expected to be sent to the Gaza Strip where population density and the risk of widespread coronavirus contagion are greater due to the harsh living conditions of its residents.

UAE State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash stressed his country's "strong" support for Palestinians, many of whom live in overcrowded refugee camps throughout the Middle East region.

Gargash highlighted his country's good relations with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNRWA), and asked Commissioner Philippe Lazarini to chair the agency's advisory board in July.

“Emirati contribution to UNRWA has reached $216 million in the last six years in education, health care and social services,” tweeted Gargash.

The Palestinian Authority imposed sweeping lockdowns in mid-March aimed at containing the virus, limiting travel and public gatherings and forcing nonessential businesses to close. Many of the restrictions have been lifted in recent weeks as the rate of new infections has declined.

Since the beginning of the global coronavirus pandemic, the UAE has been one of the world’s key players in cooperation and the fight against the COVID-19 disease.

The Gulf Arab state sent medical aid to several countries affected by the pandemic, including Iran and Syria.