Gaza in Arizona
Like the Gaza Strip for the Israelis, the U.S. borderlands, dubbed a “constitution-free zone” by the ACLU, are becoming a vast open-air laboratory for tech companies, note Todd Miller and Gabriel M. Schivone.
Netanyahu’s New Record for Chutzpah
With his latest crass interference in US politics, he may have dug a deep hole for himself—and for America’s Israel lobby, stresses M.J. Rosenberg.
The West’s Help to Islamic Jihadists
Though Western leaders now lock arms in disgust over Islamic fundamentalism, the West’s actions – from Ronald Reagan to Barack Obama – have often promoted the interests of jihadists from Afghanistan in the 1980s to Iraq in the 2000s to Libya and Syria in the 2010s, as William Blum recalls.
A Momentous Opportunity To Embrace The Arab Peace Initiative
Israel is approaching a historic crossroads, with a general election that may usher in new leadership and end the six years of deadlock in peace negotiations, writes Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
Barack Obama’s Popularity and His Annual Stage of Disunion
Yet, Barack Obama, a political pleaser but no neocon, commands a positive rating by as much as half of the nation’s population, according to current polls. How can that be? Asks Ben Tanosborn.
Gaza’s Labor Unrest is Reaching a Boiling Point
Although some 24,000 employees received partial payments last October, no payment was issued to more than 15,000 workers in security-related jobs, reports Michelle Chen.
New Saudi leadership aims to diversify oil-dependent economy

Governor of Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority says King Salman has been strong supporter of promoting kingdom as investment destination.

Tunisia tourist industry still struggling to recover
Syria opposition government receives US financial aid
IMF warns oil plunge will cost GCC dear
Kuwait to spend $100 billion on oil sector modernisation
Oman slams OPEC’s ‘bad politics’
Iraq’s Mahdi says oil prices unlikely to fall further
Downbeat feeling overshadows Davos meeting
Turkey Central Bank cuts rate for first time in six months
Egypt star of the century passes away at age of 83

Official news agency reports ‘Lady of Arabic screen’ as she was known, suffered ‘sudden health problem which led to her death.’

Qasr Al Hosn Festival seeks to revive UAE’s rich cultural past
Houellebecq’s 'Islamic France' novel sparks uproar
Ridley Scott's 'Exodus' censored in Morocco
War takes its toll on Syria heritage: Nearly 300 sites destroyed, damaged and looted
Arts Canteen London presents Attab Haddad: Iraqi oud with a western twist
Marrakesh Film Festival gives Japan a chance to shine
Drama out of tragedy: Syria women present new version of ‘Antigone’
Egypt revokes ban on Wehbe ‘provocative’ film
A first for Arab world: Migrant workers to form labour union in Lebanon
It has support of FENASOL but yet to win recognition from government.
Arab Poets flock to Abu Dhabi for Prince of Poets' direct interviews
Prince of Poets jury’s direct interviews with 300 Poets from 29 Countries will start Saturday at Al Raha Beach Theatre.
Iraq hero dreams of incredible repeat of Asia Cup triumph
Few would have predicted Iraq's progress in face of incredible odds, and not just difficulties of deadly Islamic State insurgency.
Egypt conservation group sues over ‘botched’ Tutankhamun mask repair
Mask shows sticky aftermath of overzealous use of glue to fix mask's beard in place.
Region’s first street feast to launch Abu Dhabi Food Festival
Street Feast will run over three successive weekends, take place in Madinat Zayed, of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi city.
Global campaign celebrates achievements of 11th century scientist Ibn al-Haytham
UNESCO headquarters in Paris witness launch of global campaign titled ‘1001 Inventions and World of Ibn Al-Haytham,’ in presence of 2,000 guests.
After exhaustive touring, Hanni El Khatib returns to Los Angeles
El Khatib is in career position where he enjoys artistic freedom, loyal audience, yet no chart-topping songs that define him.
Did Miss Israel photobomb Miss Lebanon?
Saly Greige declares war after saying Miss Israel muscled in uninvited during group ‘selfie’ with Miss Japan and Miss Slovenia.
Egypt star of the century passes away at age of 83
Official news agency reports ‘Lady of Arabic screen’ as she was known, suffered ‘sudden health problem which led to her death.’
Iran announces plans to combat ‘immoral’ online dating websites
Official site for young people will promote long-term marriages among under-30s who make up 55 percent of Iran's 77 million people.
Turkish weekly refuses to tone down biting mockery of authority
In rare show of solidarity, Leman magazine comes out with black cover with viral slogan ‘Je suis Charlie.’
Saudi Arabia announces public run to tackle rising obesity
‘Run 4 Riyadh’ will take place in Saudi capital over five kilometres (three miles), from King Abdullah Park to Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium.