Iran Seeks to Distance Oman from GCC
What Oman is to Iran is essentially a rescue boat that Iran has to jump into and use it to pursue a more conciliatory path with the GCC, Arabs and Muslims in general, notes Zaher Mahruqi.
The Balance of Power in the Middle East Just Changed
Here’s what actually matters most: At a crucial moment and without a shot being fired, the United States and Iran have come to a turning point away from an era of outright hostility, writes Peter Van Buren.
Can NATO militaries generate Mideast stability?
If you thought that NATO attacking Libya in 2011 was a risky venture, given the mess it has left behind there today, this plan for northern Syria is potentially more dangerous and destabilizing if it goes wrong, notes Rami G. Khouri.
God’s Masterpiece or the Devil’s Bad Joke?
A true summer pleasure: A fabulous selection from one of the writing wonders of our time, Eduardo Galeano.
Israel Uses Water to Control Palestinian Life
The relentless scarcity is purposeful and integral to Israel’s strategy of “demographic balance,” says Charlotte Silver.
Did ISIL Arise Partly Because of Climate Change?
Martin O’Malley was ridiculed by the right for correctly noting the role of climate-induced drought in causing Syria’s instability. The bad news is that this is only the beginning, observes Juan Cole.
Egypt's gift to the world: Suez Canal Axis

Suez Canal to speed up traffic along existing waterway by reducing waiting period, boosting revenues.

Zain telecom Q2 profit slumps over unrest in some Arab countries
UAE hikes petrol prices, cuts diesel
Kuwait awards $11.5 bn contracts for new refinery
Kuwait urges Saudi to resume output at disputed oil field
Oil prices hurt by poor Chinese, US data
Mylan foundation to block hostile takeover bid from Israel's Teva
UAE to liberalise fuel prices from August
Kuwait ups new oil refinery budget
Omar Sharif passes away, aged 83

One of the most famous of Arab actors, Omar Sharif leaves behind an impressive body of work and will be remembered as the eternal Dr. Zhivago.

Court awards rare Kafka papers to National Library of Israel
Turkish sculptor risks prison for 'insulting' Erdogan
Egyptian shroud to go under hammer in Paris
UAE brings its falconry expertise to Morocco’s Lekouassem Festival
Morocco's Mawazine festival opens to record crowds
Director 'shocked' at Morocco’s prostitution film ban
Egypt acting legend diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease
The ancient pearl of the Syrian desert
Algeria bans hiring foreign football players
National football federation issues ban due to severe financial crisis caused by plunge in Algeria’s oil revenues.
World equestrian body reinstates UAE after endurance race probe
Three-year binding agreement includes monthly monitoring reports during next endurance season.
Algeria bans football clubs from hiring foreign players
Plunge in oil revenues has created financial crisis in Algeria, which can no longer ‘legally obtain currency to pay salaries of foreign players.’
Liwa Date Festival: 11 years of attractive competitions and cultural activities
One week festival, ending on July 30, is a celebration of ratab, half-ripe dates. It attracts hundreds of participants every year.
Liwa Dates Festival kickstarts in desert oasis of Liwa
Richness of ratab harvest is on display at Liwa Dates Festival amid big rewards for various competitions’ winners.
World's oldest Koran discovered... in British university
Describing it as ‘startling result’, professor David Thomas says that the text is ‘very similar indeed to the Koran as have it today.’
Years after Iran fatwa, Rushdie says 'wrong lessons' learned
British author says that he has ‘greatly suffered’ from being forced to live in hiding and under police protection.
Asian, Saudi owners dust off Madrid Ritz
New owners from Hong Kong and Saudi Arabia now plan to revive glory of Madrid's Ritz hotel by spending 90 million euros on its makeover.
Saudi King angers beach lovers on French Riviera
Beach lovers express anger over imminent arrival of Saudi royal family, who have ordered long stretch of beach to be closed off to public.
Cinema legend Omar Sharif laid to rest at solemn Egypt funeral
Funeral was held at grand mosque of Mushir Tantawi and Sharif's remains were later buried at El Sayeda Nafisa cemetery.
Ramadan cultural festival breathes new life into Saudi old city
Kingdom is targeting its own citizens as well as millions of Muslims from around the world who undertake religious visits.
In absence of proper plans, urban expansion eats into Egypt farmland
Settlements are springing up everywhere, snuffing out farmland to make way for growing population of about 90 million people.