A Base Camp, an Authoritarian Regime, and the Future of U.S. Blowback in Africa
Nick Turse takes us to Chad, a country 99% of Americans have never heard of, and shows us just how deeply that military is embedding itself on that continent and just how poor the results have been.
After Fear-mongering Kills the NSA Reform Bill, What’s Next?
The Senate’s failure to bring even a narrow, watered-down reform to a final vote underscores that Congress is for the most part disinterested and/or incapable in exercising its constitutional duty to oversee the intelligence community, writes Zoë Carpenter.
Gaza Bombings Rock Palestinian Reconciliation
The perpetrators may have been motivated by personal interests but the consequences cannot possibly serve Palestinian interests, factional or otherwise. They can only serve the occupation authority and its state, argues Nicola Nasser.
The Fall Of The Would-Be Emperor
Erdogan has never been fazed by the fact that today’s Turkey is not the Ottoman Empire and that the Ottomans were not as admired by the peoples they governed, as Erdogan wants to believe, stresses Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
NSA Reform Is Blocked
The vital cause of NSA reform—which seemed to be gaining strength as not just citizens but their elected representatives came to recognize the consequences of the issues raised by Edward Snowden’s leaks—has hit a rough spot in recent weeks, notes John Nichols.
Iraq: The American Unprotected Protectorate
The architects of the invasion and destruction of Iraq have deliberately sought to transform the country unto an entity that is incapable of functioning on its own and where its people are deprived of integrity, pride, and courage, argues Abbas J. Ali.
Egypt opens up to domestic and foreign investors

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab says March conference will be ‘cornerstone for Egypt's economic revival.’

Paypal teams up AttijariWafa bank with to boost Morocco exports
Biden: You cannot think free where you cannot challenge orthodoxy
Kuwait Airways agrees to buy 10 Boeing 777-300Ers
Oil edges down as OPEC seen holding output ceiling
Ladies first at Global Entrepreneurship Summit
Erdogan on official visit to Algeria to bolster commercial ties
Qatar Airways chief accuses European carriers of ‘inefficiency’
Oil prices mixed as focus is on Saudi Arabia
Story about fear and destruction: Palestinian artist captures Gaza pain in clay

Wary of hostility from conservative Muslims, Iyyad Sabbah is happy to see dozens of adults and children crowding round for closer look at his work.

Morocco fossils: A rare and vanishing treasure
Cultural heartland of Al Ain hosts night of Emirati musical heritage
Abu Dhabi Film Festival to showcase best of Arab cinema
Sharjah Children's Film Festival kicks off with rich selection of movies
Piano recital opens Abu Dhabi Classics season
Al Masar Gallery holds second solo exhibition for Egyptian artist Ahmad Farid
Louvre Abu Dhabi to showcase renowned collections from France
Morocco basking in resurgence in foreign film productions
Abu Dhabi Film Festival unveils line up for 2014 edition
Video game, e-commerce markets grow across MENA
Gaming market is expected to nearly triple in size, from $1.6 billion in 2014 to $4.4 billion in 2022.
After struggling to Islamise present, Erdogan seeks to ‘Islamise’ past!
Erdogan hits back at ridicule of his claim that Islamic explorers discovered Americas before Columbus, accusing critics of lacking ‘self-confidence.’
Censorship continues in Lebanon with ban of Iran film on 'Green Movement'
Organisers of festival protest ban, which risks depicting Lebanon as ‘backwards and unenlightened’ in eyes of international community.
International pressure bears fruit in favour of migrant workers in Qatar
Host of 2022 football World Cup pledges to replace ‘kafala’ sponsorship system and improve conditions for workers by early 2015.
Suspicions linger over World Cup bids: Only Michael Garcia knows what happened!
Investigator Michael Garcia lodges appeal after complaining his report into alleged World Cup corruption is misrepresented.
Food scandal leaves Lebanon with ‘case of severe indigestion’
Health Minister wins plaudits but also faces harsh criticism for publicly naming and shaming establishments that failed food safety tests.
New York Film Academy mourns sudden loss of Mohammed Khalaf Al Mazrouei
Academy extends its condolences to Al Mazrouei family, people of Abu Dhabi and all who knew Mohammed Khalaf.
Islamic State own coins seek to counter US dollar
IS jihadists will start minting their own coins for use in areas under IS control in Syria and Iraq.
Qatar faces accusations of foot-dragging on labour rights
Amnesty criticises ‘woefully insufficient’ steps taken by Qatar so far to end abuses of workers building facilities for 2022 World Cup.
CAF sanctions Morocco with red card
African Football Confederation shows no mercy to dealing with Morocco’s request to postpone Africa Cup of Nations over Ebola fears.
Dubai launches Gulf's first tram
10-kilometre light rail system with state-of-the-art tram inaugurated after being delayed for three years due to global financial crisis.
Iran sanctioned for barring volleyball women fans
FIVB Volleyball federation says it will not allow Iran to host international events as long as women are banned from attending game.