Ethics of Survival Rule the Day in Syria
The sectarian make-up of society certainly accounts for some of the fear that made people do or turn a blind eye to horrific things but it does not explain the individual acts that, collectively, have worked in the regimeís favour, ponders Stephen Starr.
For Egypt, Libya Border Remains Major Security Challenge
Huge arms stockpiles have fallen into the hands of various militias, including groups with ties to al- Qaeda and ISIS, since the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown in 2011, writes Ahmed Meghid.
Much Ado About One Thing
In many ways, Erdogan went to Washington with a mission impossible: There was no way to make Trump revoke his decision, prompted resolutely by the Pentagon, to arm the Syrian Kurds. All he could do was grumble in a news conference about it, in subtly threatening terms, explains Yavuz Baydar.
Trumpís Value-Free Foreign Policy
No autocrat or authoritarian-minded regional leader was denied the chance to meet and greet the US president, observes Rashmee Roshan Lall.
Can Middle East Intelligence Services Trust the White House?
Trump appears to have just made up his own mind to share the information, says Tom Regan.
Misjudging Assad at the Expense of Syrians
Ever since Assad assumed the presidency on the death of his father, Hafez Assad, in 2000, American politicians have underestimated the Syrian leaderís political skill, ability to keep powerful foreign backers on his side in the conflict and, last not least, his utter ruthlessness, writes Bernd Debusmann.
Oil producers to extend output curbs at OPEC meeting

Oil producers gather in Vienna for meeting expected to agree an extension of oil production curbs.

Tunisia economic growth picks up in first quarter
Russia, Saudi call for oil output deal extension
Emirates airline sees 2016-17 profit plunge
Saudi budget deficit drops significantly in first quarter
Egypt parliament adopts investment law
Saudi aims for transparency with budget report
Qatar says energy prices rebalancing after OPEC accord
420 tonnes of plastic bags seized in year in Morocco since ban
Film warns of Israel's 'suicide' at Cannes

"West of the Jordan River", by Israeli director Amos Gitai, claims country's government is leading the 'Jewish state' towards a precipice.

Cyprus convention targets trade in 'blood antiquities'
Lebanese activists seek to save Beirut heritage from neglect
Turkey stages Ottoman sports in callback to past glory
Tunisia seeks to add Djerba to World Heritage List
Tight security for Tunisia Jewish festival
TV series depicts Israel-Palestinian conflict
Turkey relocates medieval tomb over flooding risk
Saudi artists seen 'pushing' boundaries
TV series showcases untold stories of IS women
Arab television drama timed for holy month of Ramadan tells untold stories of women and the Islamic State group.
German map project to aid future rebirth of Aleppo
Scholars preparing for Aleppo's reconstruction one day by creating a super-detailed map of the old city and its treasures.
Iraqi artist records IS brutality in secret
240 paintings and drawings which Mustafa al-Tha'i composed while his hometown was under IS rule are exhibition of horror.
Morocco fishermen struggle under dolphin attacks
Moroccan fishermen clamouring for state support for struggling sector as their nets are targeted, destroyed by dolphins.
Tangier, Moroccoís gateway to Europe
Called the ďBride of the NorthĒ and the ďPearl of the North,Ē Tangier is situated on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
Arab Fashion Week kicks off with unisex designs in Dubai
Biannual event begins with Houraniís gender-shunning designs followed by Marchesaís more traditionally Ďunapologeticí feminine garments.
Science centre inaugurated in Jordan
King Abdullah formally launches research centre whose members include experts from disputing states like Palestine, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus.
Brisk business for Mosul liquor store after IS rule
Although alcohol never completely disappeared from Mosul while it was under IS jihadist rule, it became expensive, dangerous hobby.
Online campaign aims to refill Mosulís ravaged libraries
ISIS destroyed more than 8,000 rare historical manuscripts for being blasphemous.
Syrian refugee kids act, direct short films in Lebanon
Refugee Film Project aims to turn camera around by giving displaced children in Lebanonís Shatila camp chance to act, direct their own short films.
Maghrebís culture and heritage celebrated through pop art
Each of Ezzinaís portraits focuses on a personal detail and carries a short biography.
Red carpet, minus the stars, for Gaza film festival
Gaza port transformed into venue for outdoor screenings during Red Carpet Festival showcasing films focusing on human rights issues.