Russia-gate Spreads to Europe
The Russia-gate hysteria has jumped the Atlantic with Europeans blaming Russia for Brexit and Catalonian discontent. But what about Israeli influence operations or, for that matter, American ones, asks Robert Parry.
Losing The Last Vestiges Of Our Moral Fabric
Should we really measure our moral conduct today in relative terms to the moral decadence of yesteryears? Asks Alon Ben-Meir.
The Ever-Expanding ‘War on Terror’
In the shadows, the US special operations war on “terrorists” keeps on expanding around the globe, now reaching into Africa where few detectable American “interests” exist, writes Jonathan Marshall.
The Risks of Saudi War on too Many Fronts
Only the churlish would deny the necessary logic of the prince’s grand plan for Saudi Arabia: A future that looks beyond oil. A better-adjusted society, notes Rashmee Roshan Lall.
Israel’s Supporters Seek to Silence pro-Palestinian Activism in US
Legislatures in 34 out of the 50 US states have introduced some form of “not-boycott- Israel” legislation since the first measure was passed by Illinois in 2015, explains Mark Habeeb.
Did Al Qaeda Dupe Trump on Syrian Attack?
Buried deep inside a new U.N. report is evidence that could exonerate the Syrian government in the April 4 sarin atrocity and make President Trump look like an Al Qaeda dupe, reports Robert Parry.
Abu Dhabi extends concession at major oilfield

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company signs agreement with US, Japanese oil firms to extend their concessions and boost output at the emirate's biggest oilfield.

Kuwait banks told to examine Saudi accounts after arrests
London gives Saudi Aramco $2 billion loan guarantee
Egypt state firm entering thriving mobile sector
Riyadh seeks to reassure investors after purge
Gulf stocks slide on Saudi-Iran duel
Oil surges on Saudi-Iran tensions
Saudi Crown Prince’s purge: bold but risky
Qatar Airways acquires 9.6% stake in Cathay Pacific
Egypt pop diva faces trial for disparaging Nile river

Sherine Abdel Wahab referred to trial after her 'unjustified ridicule toward our dear Egypt' for saying that drinking river water could lead to illness.

51 years on, Carthage Film Festival still popular
Dekkak: Ibn Battuta is a symbol of peace and tolerance
Unique insights into UAE’s hidden treasures put on display
Macron to name author Slimani as French language emissary
Tunisia’s ancient calligraphy style in jeopardy
Mystery ancient stone structures unearthed in Saudi desert
Ancient pools near Bethlehem set for renovation
Beirut Art Fair’s eighth edition highlights collectors’ choices
Jordan seeking to woo tourists to its religious sites
“We are deploying lots of ef­forts to attract both Muslim and Christian visitors through plan­ning various activities in areas that have significant religious aspects."
Legendary Turkish weightlifter Naim Suleymanoglu dies aged 50
Suleymanoglu, dubbed 'pocket Hercules' for massive power he generated from his diminutive frame, scored historic hat-trick of consecutive Olympic titles.
Lebanese band reluctantly bears flag amid Egypt crackdown
Rock band Mashrou' Leila outraged by Egypt's crackdown on gay community, but members are wary of becoming poster boys for Western narratives.
Powerful novel on Algerian war wins France’s richest book prize
Zeniter’s ‘The Art of Losing’ offers portrait of family caught on wrong side of history during Algerian war of independence.
Overhauled Algiers mosque ready to reopen its doors
Majestic Ketchaoua Mosque located in UNESCO-listed Casbah district of Algerian capital set to reopen for first time in nearly a decade.
Cheap smokes but not much else after Palestinian accord
Palestinians in Gaza have not yet seen much improvement in their lives from Fatah-Hamas reconciliation, but smokers can exhale in relief.
Lebanon green schools pave the way for eco-friendly generations
Clubs’ activities include planting trees, clean-up campaigns, building vertical gardens in the school court and showing environment-related documentaries.
Morocco's blue tourist town turning green
Chefchaouen is town of some 45,000 residents where visitors come to admire hundreds of hues of blue.
Morocco, Tunisia qualify for World Cup
Two North African nations take differing paths to 2018 tournament in Russia with Morocco yet to concede one goal.
First pineapple farm opens in Gaza
Goal is to develop new crops to help Gazan farmers achieve self-sufficiency amid Israeli blockade and severe water pollution.
Turkish daredevil makes Istanbul’s Galata Tower leap
Kocak becomes first in modern era to jump from iconic Galata Tower in Istanbul in event aimed at promoting Turkish extreme sports.
Louvre Abu Dhabi, where Matisse meets George Washington
Museum, aiming to tell story of world’s civilisations, expects to welcome around 5,000 visitors in its first days upon public opening on November 11.