Ennahda in Tunisia Pioneers Another Arab Era and Test
Ennahda faces its most important test in moving forward to prove its credibility, popularity, and efficacy in the nascent, fragile world of Tunisian electoral pluralism, argues Rami G. Khouri.
The Most Right-Wing Government in Israeli History
This is frightening not only because it demonstrates just how far to the right Israeli society has shifted, but because Ya’alon is precisely the kind of public figure who has entrenched Israel’s military occupation while making it seem like a necessary, even benevolent, part of Israeli democracy, writes Mairav Zonszein.
Does Russia Have Reason to Fear?
NATO is putting an anti-missile base in Romania and brushing aside Russia’s fears, but – over the decades – the U.S. has reacted furiously to the possibility of nearby foreign military bases, recalls James W Carden.
The Pentagon’s War on Accountability
William Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy, shines a bright light into the darkest corners of the Pentagon’s shady spending and accounting practices.
Religious Zealots Ready for Takeover of Israeli Army
Less noticed has been the gradual and parallel takeover of Israel’s security institutions by those espousing the ideology of the settlers – known in Israel as the national-religious camp, explains Jonathan Cook.
Will We Attack Our Own Dysfunctions as We Battle Islamic State?
IS (Da’esh) will be destroyed military without any doubt, but its military abilities and the territorial controls are not the main problem we have with IS, argues Rami G. Khouri.
Kuwait earmarks $115 billion to spend on oil projects

OPEC member aims to raise its production capacity, currently just over 3.0 million barrels per day, to 4.0 million bpd by 2020.

Number of foreigners visiting Turkey dives by 30% in April
Oil prices dip in Asia
Brent rises past $50 a barrel
Egypt loses tourists to Spain over fears of violence
Turkey central bank cuts interest rates
Abu Dhabi oil giant cuts thousands of jobs
Oil prices ease after push toward $50 a barrel
European banks remain reluctant to work in Iran
Cannes spotlight on Iranian cinema

Iran's independent film sector is thriving despite tough regulations, challenges.

Palestinian museum to open without exhibition
Peshmerga documentary makes late entry in Cannes
Egypt's turmoil comes to Cannes in a police van
Turkish satire tackles adoption at Cannes
Rabai al-Madhoun wins International Prize for Arabic Fiction
SZBA Annual Book Award ceremony to be held Sunday
Banipal Magazine sheds light on ‘Sudanese Literature Today’
ADIBF to screen 18 films from 10 Arab countries in Black Box Cinema
Gaza women shoot for hope with wheelchair basketball
As women practice, they were given advice from Jess Markt, American who began playing wheelchair basketball after spinal cord injury.
Turkey Muslims demand right to pray at Hagia Sophia
Thousands of worshippers descend on Istanbul's world famous Hagia Sophia to demand right to pray there.
Female Emirati pilot issues rallying cry to young women
Rousi calls on young women around the world to fly planes amid looming global pilot shortage.
Jewish pilgrimage gets under way in Tunisia
Annual Jewish pilgrimage to Africa's oldest synagogue starts in Tunisia where security forces are deployed heavily to ward off potential attacks.
SZBA announces call for 2016-17 nominations
Nominations for Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s eleventh cycle of 2016/2017 start from May until first of October 2016.
Tunisia LGBT people brave open hostility to speak out
Shams Vice President Ahmed Ben Amor says, ‘I don't see why we have to live in hiding. Our private life is our own business.’
Domestic workers take to the catwalk in Lebanon
250,000 domestic workers in Lebanon have no protection under labour law, often face degrading treatment.
In rare Lebanon sit-in, LBGT activists protest against article 534
‘Repeal 534’ could be read, a reference to article in Lebanese penal code under which sexual relations ‘against nature’ are outlawed.
Contest of anti-Israel cartoons opens in Tehran
Zarif says contest is organised by non-governmental organisation without any support from authorities.
Ai Weiwei in Gaza for refugee documentary
Chinese dissident says he was compelled to travel to Gaza to understand Palestinian refugee history, part in global crisis.
'Empty Quarter' holds Saudi oil firm's hopes
Shaybah gas facility in vast Saudi Arabia desert region seen as representative of country's economic transformation.
Stables, vet clinic installed at famed Petra tourist site
Jordan boosts animal welfare at Petra tourist site for overworked, sometimes mistreated horses, donkeys used to transport visitors.