Future headlines from Bizarro America
In fact, there’s a certain repetition factor in our increasingly bizarro American world that lends predictability to that future, argues Tom Engelhardt.
The Kids Aren't All Right
As Nick Turse points out in his latest reportage: the young, desperately divided nation of South Sudan is something of an American-sponsored creation, its military heavily supported by Washington, and so its child soldiers -- and it has plenty of them -- turn out not to be quite the same sort of scourge they are in Burma, Syria, or elsewhere.
Post-Britain: Does it matter?
Cameron should savor his unexpected victory in the British elections because he (and Great Britain's financial elites) may actually come to regret it — quite soon, writes Immanuel Wallerstein.
A Summer of War or Peace
After the final deal to restrict Iran’s nuclear program is finalized – expected in June – a crucial series of votes will follow in Congress as Republicans and some Democrats seek to scuttle the deal, a prospect that Jamal Abdi and Trita Parsi of the National Iranian American Council warn could mean war.
US Politics Gives Saudis an Edge
If President Obama were speaking solely for US national interests, he would offer a stern rebuke, not gentle reassurance, to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States during a Camp David summit, but domestic politics and Israeli pressure will constrain any frankness, as ex-CIA analyst Paul R. Pillar explains.
A Government Neither By Nor For The People
The makeup of the new coalition gives the Palestinian Authority (PA) no reason to believe that Netanyahu will advance the peace process, argues Dr. Alon Ben-Meir.
Turkey bank keeps main interest rates unchanged

Central bank says it is carefully watching inflation due to recent pressure on Turkish lira on currency markets.

Oil prices fall as Saudi Arabia keeps pumps running
Oil prices higher on Middle East unrest
Abu Dhabi grants Korean GS Energy onshore oil concession
Kuwait seeks arbitration in oil row with Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait decide to shut second oilfield in neutral zone
Russia to supply Turkey gas December 2016
Kuwait to order Super Hornet jets worth $3 billion
Algeria jails, fines seven foreign firms
The ancient pearl of the Syrian desert

Anxiety over the safety of ancient artefacts and treasures grows, as the Islamic State group continues to advance on Palmyra.

Rooftop gardens link Palestinians to land lost in Nakba
Syria artist brings civil war portraits to London
Kalima Project announces new series for publication
Oldest example of Ten Commandments displayed in Jerusalem
Novelists withdraw from NY gala in Charlie Hebdo protest
US returns stolen Egypt artifacts
Arab poetry loses revolutionary voice of Abdel Rahman al-Abnudi
SZBA names Mohammed bin Rashed “Cultural Personality of the Year”
Ex-boyfriend charged in shooting of Turkish young singer
Attack has attracted huge attention in Turkey, where anger has been growing over horrifying frequency of crimes against women.
Peace-making mission of Blatter crumbles
Palestinians vow to press efforts to have Israel suspended at upcoming world football congress.
'Lebanon's Kardashians' TV show ‘boring’
All that glitters not TV gold for stars of 'The Sisters' as their show is accused of ignoring educated, hardworking, down-to-earth Lebanese women.
Israel to mull Palestinian football improvements
Netanyahu says Israel will consider ‘certain’ measures after Palestinians asked to get Israeli association thrown out of world governing body FIFA.
Pope canonizes two saints from 19th century Palestine
Church officials are holding up new saints as sign of hope and encouragement for Christians across Middle East.
200 publishing deals signed under ‘Spotlight on Rights’ at ADIBF
Business Club at 25th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair has witnessed numerous bilateral meetings between publishers, authors and translators to sign publishing agreements, purchase translation rights.
Syria artist brings civil war portraits to London
‘World Civil War Portraits’ focuses on faces of displaced, tortured and killed, young and old.
Kalima Project announces new series for publication
Translation initiative run by TCA Abu Dhabi is publishing a new subseries of translated narrative, critical works from French, consisting of 100 books.
Iran considers ‘new approach’ to replace censorship
Internet and proliferation of satellite technology mean Iran can no longer control foreign news and television broadcasts.
Oldest example of Ten Commandments displayed in Jerusalem
One of 870 scrolls discovered between 1947 and 1956 in Qumran caves above Dead Sea.
UAE reaches for Mars on ambitious space mission
Emirati scientists hope probe, which will not land on surface of red planet, will provide deeper understanding of Martian atmosphere.
Qatari promises of labour reform ring hollow
Corruption allegations re-emerge as avalanche of media disclosures suggest massive violation of world soccer body FIFA's bidding rules.