A Reminder of Root Causes of Our Political Violence
Fighting constant foreign militarism and Zionist subjugation and colonization of Palestine and some adjacent Arab lands will take years to happen — but until it happens, we should not expect any serious breakthroughs towards either domestic or regional calm, argues Rami G. Khouri.
Electing a President for Lebanon – Like in 2008?
Parliament has tried 28 times to convene a session to elect a president. Deputies from the Free Patriot Movement, Hezbollah, and some allied parties have boycotted the sessions to prevent a quorum, writes Edward M. Gabriel.
Oslo: 1993-2015 RIP
Arrogant and dishonest bullying from the Israeli side, weak and visionless whining from the Palestinians, and timidity and neglect from the US—that was how the Israeli/Palestinian issue played out at this year’s UN, stresses James Zogby.
Obama Tolerates the Warmongers
President Obama is caught between the harsh realities of the Mideast and the fantasy world of Washington’s warmongers, but he prefers to risk a global catastrophe than to stand up to the neocons, the liberal hawks, the Israelis and the Saudis, a dilemma that Daniel Lazare explains.
Should US Ally with Al Qaeda in Syria?
The new US “group think” is that Russian President Putin broke his promise to attack only the Islamic State when his warplanes hit other rebel targets in Syria. But Putin never limited which terrorists he’d hit and the targeted rebel coalition includes Al Qaeda’s affiliate, as Robert Parry reports.
Is Turkey Returning to Civil War?
The ceasefire between the government and the Kurdish PKK has broken down, with increasing repression of the media and opposition political activists, reports Constanze Letsch.
Iran nuclear deal ‘to boost economy’ in Middle East

Regional growth is seen slowing to 2.3 percent this year from 2.6 percent in 2014, before rebounding to 3.8 percent in 2016.

Halal economy set to grow worldwide
UAE to invest $35 billion in clean energy by 2021
S&P: Gulf banks' net earnings set to slide
Gulf stocks dive in Q3 on oil slump, China jitters
Morocco government blocks opening of first Ikea
Qatar plans to invest $35 billion in US over next 5 years
Kuwait says no plan for oil summit to support prices
World’s top insulin maker to build facility in Iran
Iran threatens boycott Frankfurt Book Fair over Rushdie’s invite

Iran's Deputy Culture Minister says his country is against presence of author of The Satanic Verses at Frankfurt fair.

IS destroys Arch of Triumph in Syria's Palmyra
Sohaib El Oussani reveals backstage of Europe Orient Documentary Film Festival in Asilah
British archaeologist seeks to pinpoint Nefertiti's tomb
Rare mosaic discovered in Israel restored
War forces Libya artists to put creativity back on hold
Egypt to close tomb of 'Child Pharaoh' for restorations
Syria archaeological sites looted on industrial scale
Amos Gitai's new film dissects Rabin murder
Al Ain Reads 2015 opens doors to visitors
Eight-day programme organised by Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority seeks to promote Al Ain’s literary cultural scene.
Sohaib El Oussani reveals backstage of Europe Orient Documentary Film Festival in Asilah
El Oussani’s passion for media spheres leads him to become among few renowned directors of one of Asila’s international festivals.
British archaeologist seeks to pinpoint Nefertiti's tomb
Reeves aims to prove Nefertiti is buried in room adjacent to tomb of Tutankhamun With help of sophisticated radar.
Turkish man dies after spending 47 years in hospital
Kozan was allowed to stay because ‘he had no place to go’.
War forces Libya artists to put creativity back on hold
Four years after joyous celebration of the end of censorship with Gathafi’s fall, Libyan artists speak of loss of all source of inspiration.
In shabby backstreets, discerning diners find real taste of Cairo
Restaurants are becoming magnets for diners, appealing not only to residents of Cairo's poorer neighbourhoods but also drawing well-to-do clients.
Rich, poor reveal differences at hajj
Pilgrims may be equal before God inside Mecca's Grand Mosque, but biscuits for some, buffets for others outside compound.
Priceless heritage of Morocco’s Jews displayed at Museum of Moroccan Judaism
The only Jewish museum in the Arab world displays hundreds of artefacts and photographs depicting Jewish heritage.
Muslim pilgrims throng Mecca for hajj
Hundreds of thousands of pilgrims begin moving from holy city of Mecca to nearby Mina for start of hajj.
SZBA’s “Young Author” leading 2015 entries to date
Sheikh Zayed Book Award announces interim results of its nominations phase so far as per reading panels’ work in progress as part of its 10th edition proceedings.
With sweat and tears, pilgrims scale Jabal al-Noor in Mecca
Annual hajj pilgrimage begins on Tuesday, and more than a million faithful have already flocked to Saudi Arabia.
Egypt to close tomb of 'Child Pharaoh' for restorations
Authorities decide to restore tomb, discovered near southern city of Luxor in 1922, to ‘preserve it and protect it.’