The Great Game in Afghanistan
Dilip Hiro considers one of those failed efforts -- in Afghanistan, where the planet’s former “sole superpower” now seems to be losing out not only to local Taliban militants, whose strength has been on the upswing, but to the power it may fear most: an economically rising China.
Will Sanctions Fixation Kill Iran Nuke Deal?
An agreement to constrain Iran’s nuclear program is within reach but could still fail if President Obama succumbs to political pressure and refuses to grant Iran meaningful relief from sanctions, as Gareth Porter explains.
The Palestinian Arab Citizens of Israel: Pointing the Way Forward
Against the backdrop of this history and these challenges, the recent electoral success of the Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel can be seen as all the more significant, reports James Zogby.
Why Do They Hate Us?
It’s too easy to condemn the right’s populist attacks on Muslims—especially with so many left-wing atheists and liberal hawks joining the party, argues Moustafa Bayoumi.
How Hillary Clinton led America to the Libyan Disaster
President Obama effectively gave his secretary of state a kind of veto power over the Libyan conflict and he did not even listen to second opinions, notes Mustafa Fetouri.
The Madness of Funding the Pentagon to Cover the Globe
Washington’s strategy documents are filled with references to non-military approaches to security, but such polite rhetoric is belied in the real world by a striking over-investment in military capabilities at the expense of civilian institutions, notes William D. Hartung.
UAE airlines say safety never jeopardised

Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways say investigation is underway after two of their planes apparently flew too close to each other.

Turkey growth weakens in 2014
Leading UAE carriers introduce 'rule of two' after Alps crash
Saudi Aramco signs loan deal to maintain financial flexibility
Oil prices sink
Oil prices fall after Yemen-inspired gains
Gulf stocks regain ground after early losses over Yemen
Borse Dubai sells big stake in London Stock Exchange
Sweden seeks to allay business leaders’ concerns after Saudi row
Ancient Libyan treasures now in ISIS' sights

Libyan officials fear that the heinous destruction committed in Iraq could be repeated at a number of heritage sites amongst political upheaval in the North African state.

Takahata shines at FICAM
Iran caricaturist touches sensitive subjects with savvy
‘... even after a while’: Badaoui El-Hage launches first book of poetry
Abu Dhabi hosts 21st annual Special Libraries Association conference
Ban urges world to halt destruction of Iraqi sites
IS 'bulldozed' Iraq’s historic Nimrud
Dubai launches first 3D pavement art festival
Thousands turn out for funeral of Turkey literary giant Yasar Kemal
Toronto-based filmmaker Mostafa Azizi arrested in Iran
Azizi is being held in Evin Prison and has been charged with insulting Supreme leader and spreading propaganda against Islamic establishment.
Takahata shines at FICAM
Japanese director’s latest masterwork “The Tale of Princess Kaguya” dazzles audience at 14th edition of Meknes International Festival of Animated Cinema.
Miami-Doha flight in emergency landing as passenger gives birth mid-air
Birth takes place just hours after Qatar Airways flight takes off from Florida and before the pilot is able to make emergency landing.
Worse than cigarettes: ‘Medwakh’ ensnares teenagers in UAE
Despite campaigns on risks of smoking, teenagers in United Arab Emirates are turning to a little-known tobacco product.
Residents flocking back to Libyan capital streets
In Libyan capital, hope survives on busy streets as residents are trying to get on with life despite political unrest.
Creativity Corner at ADIBF 2015 encourages smart learning
Creativity Corner at the 25th Abu Dhabi International Book Fair seeks to provide effective fun solutions for in-class activities.
‘... even after a while’: Badaoui El-Hage launches first book of poetry
Australian Lebanese Poet El-Hage launches his first book of poetry, called “... walaw ba’ada heen”, meaning, “... even after a while.”
Facebook ‘fights’ terrorism with update of ‘community standards’
New guidelines give more clarity on acceptable posts relating to violence, hate speech nudity and other contentious topics.
Iran launches smartphone app for all speeches of Supreme Leader is available for mobile devices powered by Android or Apple's operating system, initially only in Farsi.
Qatar ‘needs to do more’ to improve working conditions
FIFA's executive committee will discuss Qatar working conditions when they meet in Zurich on Thursday and Friday.
Abu Dhabi hosts 21st annual Special Libraries Association conference
Delegates will discuss wide range of topics related to essential need for digital information to build knowledge-based economy.
Pakistan fines Qatar royal for hunting with falcons without permit
Sheikh Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman bin Hamad does not have permits for three hunting falcons he brought into Pakistan.