Letter of apology to my grandson
Someday in the distant future, I hope you’ll read this letter and that, given the ingenuity of our species, given the grit to resist madness, given whatever surprises the future holds, you’ll smile indulgently at my worst fears, writes Tom Engelhardt.
A Fact-Resistant ‘Group Think’ on Syria
CBS News’ anchor Scott Pelley is known for his clueless journalism which never goes beyond Official Washington’s “group think” – and he was at it again in a dangerously provocative “60 Minutes” segment on the sarin gas attack near Damascus, Syria, in 2013, reports Robert Parry.
AFRICOM Behaving Badly
For years, as U.S. military personnel moved into Africa in ever-increasing numbers, AFRICOM has effectively downplayed, disguised, or covered-up almost every aspect of its operations, from the locations of its troop deployments to those of its expanding string of outposts, writes Nick Turse.
If the US Wants Arabs as Partners, We Must Treat Them As Such
Arab leaders, even those who have deep distrust with Iran's intentions, have been tempered in their reactions to the deal, notes James Zogby.
The Shortcut To Deradicalization Is The Long Road
The Arab states must now understand that their youths’ awakening, manifested in the Arab Spring, is only at the beginning stages, writes Alon Ben-Meir.
Our Homemade Weapons of Our Own Mass Destruction
We know very well what will be the dark fate of the 12.3 million children and young adolescents in our region who are out of school, the over six million who are at risk of dropping out, and the three million children who have stopped going to school in Syria and Iraq, notes Rami G. Khouri.
Entrepreneurs encourage people to ‘buy Syrian’

‘Made in Syria’ fair in Damascus attracts around 60 local companies.

Emirates awards lucrative engines deal
EU urged to label Israeli West bank products
Egypt joins China-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
Saudi Arabia in new move to cut oil output at Kuwait neutral zone
IEA trims non-OPEC supply forecast
Turkey launches construction of first nuclear power plant
Iran joins Beijing-backed infrastructure bank
Islamic finance must address challenges to develop safely
US returns stolen Egypt artifacts

Items were handed back to Egyptian government at a ceremony in Washington.

Arab poetry loses revolutionary voice of Abdel Rahman al-Abnudi
SZBA names Mohammed bin Rashed “Cultural Personality of the Year”
‘No’ to censorship: Filmmakers boycott Istanbul Film Festival
ADIBF celebrates UAE founder
UAE cements its status as regional hub of fine art
Abu Dhabi International Book Fair honours Iceland
Ancient Libyan treasures now in ISIS' sights
Takahata shines at FICAM
Sailors flock to Al Gharbia Watersports Festival
Over 3000 participants of at least 20 different nationalities are competing in about 10 different water, beach sport events in Mirfa, Abu Dhabi.
Morocco penal reforms trigger lively debate on morality
In country where tradition is paramount, proposed changes to basic law prompt much hand-wringing.
For Turks, Gallipoli not ordinary touristic place
Gallipoli battlefield is place of veneration for modern Turks where their forefathers have shown heroism against Allied troops during WWI.
Morocco launches campaign to encourage organ donors
Campaign will include programme to train imams to teach that organ donation is not contrary to Islam.
Orchestra Accademia Teatro alla Scala TO PERFORM IN Abu Dhabi
Italian orchestra’s performance is part of this season’s Classics theme ‘The Traveller’ - highlighting some of best classical music from East and West.
TCA Abu Dhabi marks World Heritage Day at Al Ain City’s Souq Al Qattara
Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority holds series of events at Souq Al Qattara to celebrate 33rd World Heritage Day.
Caftan Fashion Week born in Casablanca
First edition of Caftan Fashion Week closes its curtains with participation of over 60 stylists from across Morocco.
Arab poetry loses revolutionary voice of Abdel Rahman al-Abnudi
Abnudi's wife, Nehal Kamal, says her husband will be buried in canal city of Ismailiya, where he moved years ago.
Strangers in world of science: Young Israelis shun Orthodoxy over dogma
Group of young Israelis who left world of ultra-Orthodox Judaism are demanding answers from state which funded their strictly religious education.
Tunisia hopes to save tourist season with poster campaign, security measures
North African country will pump up security at tourist sites and on routes to them, as well as at airports and on all means of transportation.
AAEF celebrates official establishment of Chair of Modern Arab History at University of Houston
President of AAEF says Foundation believes that cementing right knowledge is very important to fight stereotyping and discrimination.
Support for freedom of speech drops across Middle East
Survey by Qatari branch of Northwestern University shows numbers of people backing free speech fell in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and, most notably, Tunisia.