Ethics of Survival Rule the Day in Syria

The sectarian make-up of society certainly accounts for some of the fear that made people do or turn a blind eye to horrific things but it does not explain the individual acts that, collectively, have worked in the regime’s favour, ponders Stephen Starr.

For Egypt, Libya Border Remains Major Security Challenge

Huge arms stockpiles have fallen into the hands of various militias, including groups with ties to al- Qaeda and ISIS, since the regime of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi was overthrown in 2011, writes Ahmed Meghid.

Much Ado About One Thing

In many ways, Erdogan went to Washington with a mission impossible: There was no way to make Trump revoke his decision, prompted resolutely by the Pentagon, to arm the Syrian Kurds. All he could do was grumble in a news conference about it, in subtly threatening terms, explains Yavuz Baydar.

Trump’s Value-Free Foreign Policy

No autocrat or authoritarian-minded regional leader was denied the chance to meet and greet the US president, observes Rashmee Roshan Lall.

Can Middle East Intelligence Services Trust the White House?

Trump appears to have just made up his own mind to share the information, says Tom Regan.

Misjudging Assad at the Expense of Syrians

Ever since Assad assumed the presidency on the death of his father, Hafez Assad, in 2000, American politicians have underestimated the Syrian leader’s political skill, ability to keep powerful foreign backers on his side in the conflict and, last not least, his utter ruthlessness, writes Bernd Debusmann.

Reviving Israeli-Palestinian Talks Now Will Go Nowhere

Distrust remains one of the most daunting problems that continues to haunt both sides and has become engrained in the minds of nearly every Israeli and Palestinian, as neither has made any effort to mitigate it, says Alon Ben-Meir.

US Steps Up its War in Syria — and Maybe Beyond

Even with the additional weaponry, the SDF faces a tough battle to retake Raqqa, writes Ed Blanche.

Making Trump an Endless War President

A politically embattled President Trump is under pressure to reverse his campaign promise to finally bring U.S. troops home and instead commit to open-ended wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, writes Gareth Porter for Middle East Eye.

The Glorious Return of Condi Rice

The failure to impose meaningful accountability on the Iraq War’s architects allows them to return as “wise” advisers to be consulted by media outlets and today’s politicians, as with Condoleezza Rice, notes James W Carden.

The Globalization of Misery

As with an earlier election in Holland in which a similar right-wing candidate lost, this is being presented as potentially the high-water mark of what’s now commonly called “populism” in Europe, notes Tom Engelhardt.

European Union’s Democracy Dilemma

The European elites want the European Union as a means for controlling the Continent’s economies, but that often requires overriding the popular will of nation states, a dilemma for “democracy,” explains Andrew Spannaus.

The Price: The End of Iraqi and Syrian Woes and the Vanishing of ISIS

Apparently, like their predecessors in the Sykes-Picot era, the superpowers have found that re-fragmenting and re-dividing the region further would better serve their strategic interests, explains Fadi Elhusseini.

Trump the Hawk

Syria, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia: Donald Trump is prepared to take military action in, and against, them all. It thrills him, and pleases his supporters. It is also already causing chaos with unforeseeable global chain effects, argues Michael T Klare.

An Online Interpol to Crack Down on Social Media Criminality?

A media outlet is assumed to be in control of its content, something that social media platforms are not, observes Rashmee Roshan Lall.

The Disunity Of Israel's Opposition Parties Is Serving The Occupation

Israel is increasingly becoming a pariah state, deprived of peace with the Arab world and gradually losing its very reason to exist as a Jewish state that ironically Netanyahu and the extreme right insist on characterizing it as such, warns Alon Ben-Meir.

The 5 Ghosts that Haunt the Fractured Arab Region

Here are five “ghosts” of widespread phenomena that still haunt us, as they also help us understand the messy state of the Arab region today, explains Rami G. Khouri.

The McCarthyism of Russia-gate

Civil-liberties nightmares about the Surveillance State are coming true, but – since the victims are former Donald Trump advisers – many of the usual civil-liberties defenders are strikingly silent, reports Robert Parry.

Iraqi artist records IS brutality in secret
240 paintings and drawings which Mustafa al-Tha'i composed while his hometown was under IS rule are exhibition of horror.
Morocco fishermen struggle under dolphin attacks
Moroccan fishermen clamouring for state support for struggling sector as their nets are targeted, destroyed by dolphins.
Tangier, Morocco’s gateway to Europe
Called the “Bride of the North” and the “Pearl of the North,” Tangier is situated on both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.
Arab Fashion Week kicks off with unisex designs in Dubai
Biannual event begins with Hourani’s gender-shunning designs followed by Marchesa’s more traditionally ‘unapologetic’ feminine garments.
Science centre inaugurated in Jordan
King Abdullah formally launches research centre whose members include experts from disputing states like Palestine, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Cyprus.
Brisk business for Mosul liquor store after IS rule
Although alcohol never completely disappeared from Mosul while it was under IS jihadist rule, it became expensive, dangerous hobby.
Online campaign aims to refill Mosul’s ravaged libraries
ISIS destroyed more than 8,000 rare historical manuscripts for being blasphemous.
Syrian refugee kids act, direct short films in Lebanon
Refugee Film Project aims to turn camera around by giving displaced children in Lebanon’s Shatila camp chance to act, direct their own short films.
Maghreb’s culture and heritage celebrated through pop art
Each of Ezzina’s portraits focuses on a personal detail and carries a short biography.
Red carpet, minus the stars, for Gaza film festival
Gaza port transformed into venue for outdoor screenings during Red Carpet Festival showcasing films focusing on human rights issues.
TV series depicts Israel-Palestinian conflict
Television drama "Fauda" puts human faces on Israeli-Palestinian conflict in both Hebrew and Arabic.
Hair therapy boosts Istanbul's receding tourism
‘Very advanced’ technology, relatively low prices sees foreign men flock to Istanbul’s hair transplant clinics for quality cosmetic surgery.