40 cases of UK COVID-19 variant detected in Dakhla

Morocco’s southwestern city under lockdown after 40 cases of UK variant of novel coronavirus have been detected in Dakhla.

DAKHLA – Regional Health Director of Dakhla-Oued Eddahab Salima Saasaa said Monday that 40 cases of the UK variant of the novel coronavirus had been detected in Morocco’s southwestern city of Dakhla.

“The state of health of those tested positive for this variant is "stable" and does not cause any concern,” Saasaa told the media, adding that patients were placed sanitary isolation.

“Patients and their contacts are treated according to the health protocol in force in Morocco,” she said.

Saasaa urged citizens to comply with the rules of health prevention in force, in a spirit of patriotism and responsibility.

Local media reported that authorities of the Dakhla region decided to impose a 72-hour lockdown in the city to control the cluster while flights had been cancelled.

Dakhla has been one of the tourist hotspots during the pandemic as many Moroccans opted for staycation. It is also a popular destination among foreign tourists for water sports.

Morocco closed its skies from Tuesday, March 30 at midnight to travellers from France and Spain following the detection of the new COVID-19 variants.