Deal of the century and the consequences

If the plan stipulates the expulsion of any Palestinian people from their land, it will be resisted and the victims will always be the weaker party.

The Palestinians have been undertaking negotiations with Israel for 26 years, and the Palestinian Authority has fallen out with Hamas trying to stop it from violent resistance in order to accomplish the mission as it was intended by the signing parties on Oslo Accord in 1993.

After the prolonged process of talking, the Palestinians find themselves a feather in the wind. Israel was deliberately sabotaging any agreement because it was not serious about returning the occupied land in the West Bank to its native people. This presents evidence that nothing in the whole world has any meaning to Israel except force. It does not abide by any agreement or law as long as it is superior militarily.

How much effort, time and money were spent on the futile negotiations? The frustration among the Palestinians is so deep that they can now head in any direction regardless of the consequences.

Now that the Palestinians have been fooled, Hamas has proved its stand of violent resistance to be the only way out of the crisis. The rest of the Palestinians are convinced that nothing will bring back the land and the natural resources they have lost except force.

The only consequence after Israel’s deception all these years is the break out of violence throughout Palestine as no Palestinian will leave their land to help Israel annex the West Bank, and this means mass killing of the Palestinians right before the eyes and ears of the world.

Regardless of the sinful regimes ruling the Arab countries, and regardless of the awkward administration of the nations which has made the Arab helpless and weak and unable to defend themselves, the international system is no less sinful.

In fact, it has helped the hegemonic countries to extinguish their thirst for blood by shedding the Arab blood in many Arab countries. No country rose to the challenge of averting this kind of savagery effectively away from rhetoric and press jargon. All the heinous crimes perpetrated by USA occurred right before the world’s eyes and no one stopped it. Not because they cannot, but because they do not care.

The only consequence of robbing more Palestinian land is a civil resistance throughout Palestine, which undoubtedly will be crushed by the mighty military force of Israel’s. While the world is calling for stopping the blood bath in Yemen, Syria and Libya, another episode of violence is about to break out in the occupied Palestinian territories.

This will be a rich source of news scoops and press race among major news agencies, and they will pride themselves for being the first to cover the bloody confrontations, and win more profits and rewards for their outstanding coverage of the massacres and annihilation in the new battlefield.

The Palestinians were not consulted, nor were the countries which have been mentioned in the news leaks as parties to the deal. The masterminds of the plan were quoted to have said that the plan will be implemented without the need for approval by any side except Israel which is a co-planner with Kushner, Trump’s Chief Consultant and son-in-law.

The parties to the deal are supposed to implement the plan regardless of their attitudes. If the plan stipulates the expulsion of any Palestinian people from their land, it will be resisted and the victims will always be the weaker party, and more Palestinians will be killed drawing more condemnation by the world and more spoils to the Israeli aggressor.

It is a sad situation, but the world should expect that this act will mobilize thousands of extremists around the world who will attack the interests of the western countries and kill many innocent people who are not USA or Israel’s partners, but because so much oppression and bitterness begets only blind vengeance indiscriminately.

USA and Israel are responsible for all the terrorist attacks all over the world literally and morally.

Suha Aljundi