Jihadist video calls for more attacks in Tunisia

Propaganda video purportedly filmed by jihadists in Tunisia comes three weeks after twin suicide attack against police in Tunis.

TUNIS - The Islamic State group has called for more attacks in Tunisia in a rare propaganda video purportedly filmed by the jihadists in the North African nation.

It comes three weeks after a twin suicide attack against police in the capital Tunis claimed by IS killed two people.

The video, shared on IS social media channels on Tuesday night, shows armed men in balaclavas who pledge allegiance to the jihadists' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

"Your soldiers and your sons in the land of Kairouan are doing well," said one of those filmed who gave the pseudonym Abou Omar al-Tounsi.

The holy city of Kairouan lies in central Tunisia.

Another jihadist using the name Abou Khaled al-Tounsi called for people to "sow terror" in Tunisia.

The video, which was circulated on messaging app Telegram and could not immediately be verified, was said to have been filmed inside the country.

Following Tunisia's 2011 revolution, the country saw a rise in extremism and deadly attacks hit soldiers, police, civilians and foreign tourists.

While the security situation has improved in recent years, the state of emergency implemented in 2015 is still in place.