Moussi: Ennahdha’s creation is illegal

Outspoken leader of Tunisia’s Free Destourian Party accuses Islamist party of falsifying documents to create Ennahdha based on evidence she obtained from Interior Ministry.

TUNIS – The outspoken leader of the Free Destourian Party (PDL) Abir Moussi said on Tuesday that the creation of the Ennahdha party in 2011 “is illegal” based on evidence she obtained from the Interior Ministry.

“The declaration of the creation of the Ennahdha party was signed by Rached Ghannouchi and Noureddine Bhiri on January 28, 2011. Except that Rached Ghannouchi only returned to Tunisia on January 30, 2011,” said Moussi.

“The signature of Rached Ghannouchi made on this document which formalises the creation of the Ennahdha party, is not the same as the one he uses,” she said, accusing the Islamist party of falsifying the documents.

Moussi said she would file a complaint with the Administrative Court.

She also unveiled the relationship between Ennahdha and the Muslim Brotherhood through official documents and press articles.

Ennhadha leaders belong to the International Union of Muslim Brotherhood and being the founding members of the Tunisian section of the association, which is a subsidiary of the Qatari association, according to Moussi.

She called for the acceleration of the dissolution of this movement, because it “represents a real danger which threatens” the law, society, acquired rights and national security.

“Faced with this evidence, the Tunisian government and state can only move to dissolve the Tunisian branch of this organisation,” said Moussi.

The PDL asked Banque Zitouna to access the bank statements in order to inquire about the sources of its financing, particularly from Qatar.

Moussi said that Ennahdha was an Octopus who put the members of its Shura and leaders on international organisations involved in terrorist crimes in order to manipulate society and the state.