Tunisia’s opposition parties blast Ghannouchi’s stance on Libya

Seven opposition parties urge national organisations to take firm stance against parliament speaker and his party who are trying to drag Tunisia into the Libyan conflict.

LONDON – Several Tunisian opposition parties criticised parliament speaker Rached Ghannouchi’s congratulation of Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj’s Government of National Accord on capturing Al-Watiya airbase from military commander Khalifa Haftar’s fighters.

Seven opposition parties - the Popular Movement, the Workers' Party, the Tunisia Forward Movement, the Socialist Party, the National Democratic Socialist Party, the Pole Party, and the Baath Movement - denounced in a joint statement issued on Wednesday Ghannouchi’s phone call with Sarraj.

The parties said that the Ghannouchi’s stance "is an infringement of state institutions and their implication in the Libyan conflict alongside the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies."

Opposition parties called on Tunisian President Kais Saied to intervene and respond to the accusations that Tunisia was providing logistical support to Turkey in its military intervention in Libya.

They also called on national organisations to take a firm stance against Ghannouchi and his party who "are trying to drag Tunisia into the Libyan conflict and implicate it with the Turkish occupation, which constitutes a great danger to Tunisia and the region."

They expressed their surprise that the parliament’s media office had not issued any statement regarding the content of the phone conversation between Ghannouchi and Sarraj.

The parties also criticized the suspicious contacts of Ghannouchi abroad, noting that parliament speaker presented the interests of the international organisation of the Muslim Brotherhood over the people’s, which is considered a threat to Tunisian national security.

They affirmed their solidarity with the Libyan people in their ordeal, stressing "their respect for their sovereignty and standing with them in the face of all external aggression and away from any alignment behind the axes of brutal fighting, looting of wealth and dividing the country."

Ghannouchi said that “there is no military solution” to the Libyan conflict, stressing the need for a return to the political process, according to a statement released by the GNA on its Facebook page.