Why is Europe so indifferent to the Deal of the Century?

It is high time for Europe to interfere powerfully in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and repair what it has broken and forgotten.

The United States seems to be the only player on the international arena, but why is Europe so negative? With all its historical glory and intellectual supremacy, it can interfere in the oldest dilemma in recent years.

Europe’s moral commitment is even magnified because it is the root cause of creating Israel by occupation of a land and the expulsion of its nation in the early 20th century.

Whoever read the Deal knows that it was created to subdue and humiliate the Palestinians more than they are humiliated now. The Deal robs 30% of the West Bank land and the alleged state is not even contiguous. It also stipulates other conditions that prevent the Palestinians from practicing authority unless they obtain a prior consent from Israel.

The Deal gives Israel’s security the utmost priority that it puts all the Palestinians under close and continuous surveillance even though the state is supposed to be completely disarmed. This will be a Palestinian Ghetto and not a state.

The launch of the Deal seemed to be more like a family celebration between the US and Israel, as if the Palestinians were non-existent, expecting them to do as they were told by US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As such, and feeling betrayed by friends, the Palestinians may resort to armed resistance,  and turn the Israelis’ life into a nightmare as past experience proved that they can do that, and they are not to be blamed or condemned because they are driven to outright violent resistance.

There is another possible outcome of this farce. Islamic Jihadists may attack western interests as a direct result of Trump’s use of religious terms referring to Judea and Samaria instead of the internationally recognized name of The West Bank. Trump hit a sensitive nerve that may drive the fanatics to launch indiscriminate attacks against innocent people.

When the Palestinians signed Oslo Agreement 1993, they were seeking peace wholeheartedly, but Israel announced several times that it will not allow the establishment of a fully-ledged Palestinian state beside Israel. All it can offer is a mini, dysfunctional and a fully-controlled state run by the Jewish state as the only source of power and the only decision maker.

Prior to Oslo Agreement, Israel threw away UN resolution 242 calling for its withdrawal to 1967 borders. In short, Israel wants to create a ghetto of slaves in the 21st century.

The Jewish state seeks to make Israel a religious state when everybody on earth rules out religion as a basis for running a country, let alone creating a country. While Iran is condemned for adopting religion as the basis of its establishment, Israel is pampered by the Americans and the Europeans alike.

Europe is not doing enough to help the Palestinians although the UK created Israel after its victory in World War I and although the Arabs were its allies in the war.

Europe is the center of human civilization and the home to great philosophers and intellectuals. Yet, it fell short of undertaking its moral duties towards the victims of its erroneous policies back then and did not contribute to alleviating the misery of a nation whose land was robbed as a result of Europe’s colonial movement at the beginning of the 20th century.

It is high time for Europe to interfere powerfully in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and repair what it has broken and forgotten.